Saturday Morning Tuneage: MRDC

Posted in Saturday Morning Tuneage by dave on June 28, 2008 1 Comment

This might be the quickest-ever Saturday Morning Afternoon Tuneage – just a hastily-jotted note because a) I’ve been completely negligent in posting lately, and b) the electro-garage sounds from Martin Richmond’s MRDC are just too good not to share:

Timecode by MRDC

After you’re done listening to Timecode here (thanks to Magnatune’s nifty little embeddable player), you can buy the album DRM-free, in MP3 or master-quality FLAC format.

I’ve got a few new posts waiting in “drafts” for a rainy day (hey, wait a minute, it’s raining now) but with a living room remodel going on, a dining room remodel pending, and a lot of long days at work these past few weeks, they’ve had to wait. Hopefully I can get them cleaned up and published soon!

Update: Oops! Forgot to mention: Today (6/28/08) only, you can download a free copy of the title track from Timecode by pointing your browser over to

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